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  • Diesel Fuel

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  • Lubricants

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  • Heating Oil
  • Diesel Fuel

  • Gasoline

  • Motor Oils

  • Lubricants

  • Fuel Additives

  • Budget & Prepay Programs

  • Volume Discounts

For peace of mind and comfort all season long you can trust G. Nase and Son, Inc. to deliver your heating oil on time, every time!

The Full Service Difference

G. Nase and Son, Inc. does it all – fuel oil delivery, repairs, replacements, upgrades, new installs and maintenance on your heating, hot water and cooling equipment to provide oil furnace and boiler efficiency. We are only a telephone call away!

Automatic Delivery

Our customers enjoy the benefit of our auto-fill service, which is great for your budget. By tracking current temperatures and historical fuel usage at your home, we closely monitor your fuel consumption so you don’t have to. Using integrated software, we estimate your home heating oil usage and schedule your deliveries before you run out. You only pay for the oil you need, and you never have to worry about the added expense of an emergency delivery and fees to restart your heating equipment.

Automatic Delivery Not for You? No Problem!

We also offer will-call delivery for customers who do like to monitor their fuel consumption. Our minimum delivery is 150 gallons and we require 48-hour advance notice before we will make a delivery. We do not make evening, weekend or holiday deliveries to will-call customers. Please contact us when you have ¼ tank of heating oil. Call Now – 215-721-3800

Fuel Pricing Options

  • Market Price – the daily fuel price is on a per-gallon basis that reflects the current market price.
  • Fixed Price – a lock-in, guaranteed price per gallon for our heating season October through May. Secured by contracts with our fuel suppliers.
  • Cap Price – a fixed capped rate, but you can pay less. As heating oil prices fall, so does your price. If heating oil prices rise, your price does not go above the capped rate, protecting you from surging costs. There is an additional fee for this type of fuel program.
  • LIHEAP Grants – Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Grants help families pay their heating bills. LIHEAP offers both cash and crisis grants. You must qualify and apply for LIHEAP and select G. Nase and Son, Inc. as your heating oil provider.
  • Money-saving programs – We offer customer-focused price protection plans: prepay program and budget plans. Our plans can stretch your payments and put a lid on your costs.

Commercial Fueling

For over 30 years G. Nase and Son, Inc. has provided motor fuel products to residential, commercial, and farm properties in Montgomery and Bucks counties. Our trucks have double-walled, multi-compartment tanks that can safely carry on-road diesel, off-road diesel and gasoline to fill all your storage tanks in one delivery.

Our drivers are experienced in safe fuel delivery. They take pride in offering our customers prompt, dependable service. Their personal attention assures you that your fuel needs will be cared for by someone who knows you need fuel to keep your business moving.
Your fuel can be delivered on a set schedule or on a will-call basis.

If you need a storage tank or fuel pump, give us a call and we will provide you with a quote.

Off-Road Diesel Fuel – NRLM

Nonroad, locomotive, and marine (NRLM) diesel fuel – 15ppm off-road diesel NRLM dyed + lubricity that meets all state and federal emissions standards for construction applications and farm usage.

On-Road Diesel Fuel – ULSD

Ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD) – 15 ppm ultra-low sulfur fuel that meets all state and federal emissions standards.


We supply Regular, Plus and Premium grades of gasoline.
Also available: motor oil, lubricants, and motor fuel additives.

Fuel Additives for Superior Engine and Equipment Performance


Developed alongside OEMs, the ECOCLEAN® line helps fuel to survive the stresses of advanced fuel injection systems. Whether you operate in a mine, a transit authority, an OTR fleet or a waste hauler, ECOCLEAN® products will take your engine performance to a new level.

ECOCLEAN® 4200 delivers the following benefits in all diesel engines:

  • Reduces cost of maintenance and downtime
  • Cleans and prevents all types of injector deposits formed in high pressure common rail systems
  • Prevents fuel soot and sludge formation caused by the thermal stressing within the engine, extending fuel filter, injector, lube oil, and fuel pump life
  • Restores lost horsepower and fuel economy
  • Reduces exhaust emissions and soot generation, thereby reducing DPF manual regeneration
  • Provides thermal and oxidative stability, lubricity, corrosion protection, and water dispersancy


A concentrated commercial-grade multi-function solution for gasoline and ethanol issues.  It restores lost mileage, protects against ethanol solvency and damage, dissolves gums and resins on fuel injectors and in combustion chambers, and disperses water pulled into the fuel from the air by ethanol blends. EPA-approved.

Benefits of Using Mix-I-Go

  • Counteracts the effects of ethanol
  • Protects against ethanol damage
  • Increases mileage (up to 12% or more)
  • Improves horsepower
  • Reduces harmful emissions
  • Removes carbon deposits, gum and varnishes, especially those deposited by ethanol solvency
  • Lubricates upper cylinder areas
  • Provides top cylinder lubrication to protect rubber and plastic fuel system and engine parts from damaging ethanol solvency
  • Removes damaging and performance-robbing deposits from injectors and combustion chambers (which can build up when ethanol dissolves fuel system parts)
  • Controls and removes water buildup (stabilizing gasoline and ethanol, preserving its peak fuel quality and preventing water-related engine damage)

Motor Oil & Lubricants

Automotive/Heavy Duty Products

2 Cycle/Outboard Oils, Commercial Engine Oils, Commercial Transmission Fluids, Natural Gas Engine Oils, Diesel Exhaust Fluid, Gear Oils, Greases, Passenger and Light Truck Motor Oils, Power Steering and Brake Fluids, Transmission and Torque Convertor Fluids, Antifreeze and Windshield Washer Fluids


Couplings, Electric Motors, High Speed Bearings, Food Grade, Multi-Purpose, High Load/EP, High Temperature and Mill Greases


Why choose oil heat?

If you want heat that is clean, comfortable, environmentally friendly, efficient, economical, dependable, safe and versatile, oil heat is for you. With Bioheat® fuel, you’re getting all that with the added benefit of knowing you’ve made the renewable choice.

How safe is oil heat?

Oil heat is one of the safest fuels ever developed. It is non-explosive. It takes an advanced high-tech burner to ignite the oil. If you drop a match into heating oil it will go out as if dropped into water. Heating oil must be vaporized before it will ignite or burn.

Is oil heat efficient?

Thanks to major advancements being made in oil heat burner technology, some oil heat systems now boast efficiency ratings of over 90%! Another fact is that modern oil heat equipment actually burns less fuel. The average annual fuel consumption in 1973 was 1,294 gallons; in 2001 it was 800 gallons!

Will heating oil supplies run low in the winter?

There is a plentiful supply of heating oil, even during the coldest winter months. In fact, the United States has a Strategic Petroleum Reserve with a capacity of 700 million barrels – the world’s largest emergency oil stockpile – in addition to a two-million-barrel heating oil reserve. There are over 36 oil producing countries. The U.S. is not dependent on any one country or region for its supply.

Your oil tank ensures you of an ample supply of fuel safely stored on your property. With oil, you have control over your heat. There is no need to worry about the weather, pressure drops in the gas pipeline or broken gas mains. Because heating oil is safe, the oil tank can be located anyplace that’s convenient – above ground, underground, in the basement, etc.

Why do oil prices fluctuate?

Oil prices fluctuate for a variety of reasons. These include:

  • Supply and Demand – When crude oil prices are steady, home heating oil prices tend to slowly rise in the winter months when demand is highest. “Demand” includes not only heating oil demand, but other distillates as well, like diesel fuel and kerosene. Prices tend to spike when the supply is interrupted, like during storms or global conflict.
  • Speculation – Crude oil and heating oil are commodities. They are traded on exchanges throughout the world. Wholesale prices are directly tied to the prices set by these exchanges whether the price genuinely reflects the local market conditions – supply and demand – or not.
  • Competition in local markets – Competitive differences can be substantial between a locality with a few suppliers versus an area with a large number of competitors. Comparing the price of a full-service oil company to a C.O.D. company is like comparing the cost of a gallon of paint to the cost of having the room painted for you. They are just not the same thing. Remember to consider the services offered and the location of the business.
  • Regional operating costs – Prices also are impacted by higher costs of transporting the product to remote locations. In addition, the cost of doing business by dealers can vary substantially depending on the area of the country in which the dealer is located. Some of the costs of doing business include wages and salaries, benefits, equipment, lease/rent, insurance, overhead, and state and local fees.

How much fuel will I use?

The amount of fuel you use will vary with the weather, the size and construction of your home, and the temperature setting of the thermostat in your home. The average comfortable temperature in a residential home is between 65 to 70 degrees. Moderate temperature adjustments in the morning and evening are acceptable. Avoid constant or dramatic adjustments since this will cause your heater to run more often and for longer periods of time.

If you make any changes to your home or lifestyle, such as putting on an addition, adding family members to your home, increasing the normal temperature setting on your thermostat due to a new baby or illness, please let us know so we can adjust your k-factor and keep your tank full, and heating oil costs at a minimum.

What is automatic delivery?

Automatic delivery is a free service that eliminates the stress and worry of remembering to check your fuel gauge. Our computer program monitors your fuel needs by using a degree-day system. This system tracks your fuel consumption and prints a delivery ticket based upon your personal heating record.

What is a Degree Day and a K-factor?

Degree days are a calculation used to help estimate when an automatic delivery customer will need an oil delivery. Degree days are calculated by adding the high and low temperatures of the day together then dividing by two and subtracting sixty-five from the quotient. These calculations are done daily throughout the year, and then applied to your home’s “k-factor”. Based on degree days and customer usage, our oil delivery schedule is adjusted every day to be sure that you never run out of oil, regardless of the weather – and that we do not schedule deliveries when your tank is nearly full.

A k-factor is a burn rate or “degree days per gallon” similar to “miles per gallon.” Your heating system will use one gallon of oil for a certain number of degree days, which varies from home to home. After filling your tank 2 or 3 times we can determine your k-factor. Once established, your deliveries will be based on your k-factor and the number of degree days since your last delivery.

What are my responsibilities as a “will call” customer?

A “will call” customer is required to monitor their fuel consumption and call to schedule a delivery when needed. You should keep your tank at least one-quarter full at all times. Allowing your tank to run too low may cause an interruption in the flow of oil to your furnace causing your heater to shut down and require maintenance. We require that our will call customers provide us with 48-hour notice of delivery.

Do you have more questions that we have not answered? Click here to view the FAQS at Oilheat America.