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How safe is oil heat?
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You have chosen to heat your home with one of the safest fuels ever developed. Heating oil is non-toxic and non-explosive. Your oil heat system doesn’t “burn” oil like a kerosene lamp– oil must be vaporized before it will burn. The burner unit in your system acts like a finely tuned carburetor. It turns the fuel into a vapor for efficient combustion in the sealed chamber.
Automatic delivery is a free service that eliminates the stress and worry of remembering to check your fuel gauge. Our computer program monitors your fuel needs by using a degree-day system. This system tracks your fuel consumption and prints a delivery ticket based upon your personal heating record.
A “will call” customer is required to monitor their fuel consumption and call to schedule a delivery when needed. You should keep your tank at least one-quarter full at all times. Since sludge and solids may accumulate at the bottom of your tank, allowing your tank to run too low may cause these materials to clog the pump, screen or nozzle and interrupt the flow of oil to your furnace causing your heater to shut down and require maintenance. We require that our will call customers provide us with 48-hour notice.
The amount of fuel you use will vary with the weather, the size and construction of your home, and the temperature setting of the thermostat in your home. The average comfortable temperature in a residential home is between 65 to 70 degrees. Moderate temperature adjustments in the morning and evening are acceptable. Avoid constant or dramatic adjustments since this will cause your heater to run more often and for longer periods of time.
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